Protect your Business and Increase your Profits

Prevent break-ins, vandalism and armed robberies. Reduce theft and eliminate fraudulent
litigation claims, increase staff productivity, improve stock control and maximise your profits.
Have more flexibility and peace of mind…

Buy Back your Freedom!

Don’t be a slave to your business, our security systems are designed as a management tool
packed with features and benefits that will help you create a healthy balance between
work and play. Have less stress, spend more time with family and friends, watch
your business remotely anytime you want, enjoy the lifestyle you deserve…

Retail CCTV Systems

Reduce theft and eliminate fraudulent litigation claims, improve stock control, better staff
management, increase staff productivity and customer service, maximise profitability…

Restaurants, Cafés and Hotel CCTV Systems

Reduce theft and eliminate fraudulent litigation claims, improve health and safety, improve
stock control and reduce wastage, improve staff management and productivity, better
customer service, suggestive selling, maximise profitability…

Warehouse & Factory CCTV Systems

Reduce theft and eliminate fraudulent litigation claims, monitor machinery, maintain safer
work environments, improve health and safety, monitor stock and logistics, maximise

Office CCTV Systems

Reduce theft and eliminate fraudulent litigation claims, increase professionalism and staff
productivity, monitor computers and other expensive assets, maximise profitability…

Home CCTV Systems

Secure your home with a professional CCTV system, prevent break-ins, robberies and
vandalism. Access your cameras on your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Monitor your family
and pets remotely, increased peace of mind…

Remote Viewing Capabilities

Top Gun Security Systems can be viewed and controlled remotely over the internet
via an iPhone, tablet or laptop. Giving you more peace of mind, flexibility and
a healthy balance between work and life.

Sales, Installation, Service, Support

Our relationship with you will not end with the installation of a Digital Surveillance System.
The Top Gun Security team is committed to providing you with the highest levels of service to
ensure satisfaction and maintain a lifetime partnership with all our valued customers.

Do you ever wonder what’s happening in your business when you are not there? The integration of surveillance technology with full remote viewing access from your smart phone or tablet can result in the raising of productivity from employees, better customer service, improved profits, and most importantly peace of mind and flexibility for you, the business owner. Buy back your freedom today and enjoy a healthy balance between work and life…

Our Services

Restaurants & Cafe’s

It’s a known fact that customers will always return when they receive outstanding service. Our CCTV Management systems designed for hospitality will help improve customer service, improve staff management, reduce wastage, theft and shrinkage.

Retail & Specialty Stores

Retail shrinkage statistics tell us that 8% of your annual turnover could be lost. Our CCTV systems designed for retail can help reduce this shrinkage by improving stock control, deterring theft, increasing sales and staff productivity. Maximise your profits today.

Pubs, Clubs & Hotels

Our friendly Security Professionals can provide you with a solution which will make sure your business is in check with the latest liquor compliance laws. Our CCTV management systems will also improve your stock control, improve staff accountability and help protect you against any fraudulent litigation claims.

Warehouse & Factories

Stock control has always been an issue for many business owners. When was the last time your stock added up to 100%? Our CCTV management systems will help you monitor stock and logistics, monitor machinery and staff productivity, maintain a safe work environment and protect you against fraudulent litigation claims.


Prevent break-ins, protect your files, computers and other expensive business assets. Monitor productivity, reduce employee theft and maintain a healthy work environment.


Prevent burglary, enjoy a secure home for you and your family, create peace of mind when you are away. Full remote viewing capabilities, watch your home straight from your smart phone or tablet.



Our Government Licenced Security Advisors can provide a tailored security solution to suit your needs and budget.


Our Licenced Master Technicians will ensure you receive a professional installation from start to finish.


Full after sales customer service, onsite training and lifetime technical phone support.

On-site Warranty

No call out fees ever for any equipment covered under our warranty policy


Our Expert Team have a wealth of knowledge combining over 40 years industry experience.


Competitive pricing. Find a better deal on a comparable product and service plan and we will beat it.

About Us

Top Gun Security Solutions is a dynamic and progressive company specialising in business surveillance that improves business performance and the potential for growth. Our expertise has brought clarity to a variety of complex business management problems in environments as diverse as corporate, retail, hospitality, fashion, manufacturing and more.

Our Vision is “To Capture the Video Surveillance Market”. Our Team of professionals have a wealth of knowledge and by using state of the art technology we have helped many business’ increase their success by reducing shrinkage and improving overall business performance.



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