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Top Gun Security Solutions is a dynamic and progressive company specialising in business surveillance that improves business performance and the potential for growth. Our expertise has brought clarity to a variety of complex business management problems in environments as diverse as corporate, retail, hospitality, fashion, manufacturing and more.

Our Vision is “To Capture the Video Surveillance Market”. Our Team of professionals have a wealth of knowledge and by using state of the art technology we have helped many business’ increase their success by reducing shrinkage and improving overall business performance.

The integration of surveillance technology with full remote viewing access from your smart phone or tablet can result in the raising of productivity from employees, better customer service, improved profits, and most importantly peace of mind and flexibility for you, the business owner.

Our success in this specialised field has reinforced our commitment to the importance of business surveillance. Effective business surveillance is one of the most pressing problems throughout the business world today. This is an issue that Top Gun Security Solutions has addressed with significant success.

More importantly, we help you buy back your freedom. Finding time to manage the bigger issues in business is an ever increasing challenge. Our surveillance solutions will give you confidence that your business is secure. Top Gun Security Solutions can help improve performance in all key result areas whilst providing peace of mind for the business owner.

Our range of flexible surveillance equipment can be serviced quickly and efficiently by one of our expert technicians and is easily upgraded or expanded to meet your changing surveillance needs.

Top Gun Security Solutions are unique in the surveillance industry, we are not simply just a product supplier. Our customers receive sound advice from our expert security advisors and state of the art surveillance technology coupled with end-to-end system support and after sales service. Yes, there is a lot to think about when choosing a security company for your business. This can be confusing. However, the solution is quite simple…… It’s Top Gun Security.

Our commitment to providing business surveillance solutions continues to drive the growth and evolution of Top Gun Security…and the businesses of our customers. Buy back your freedom today and enjoy a healthy balance between work and life… Our professional team can show you how.

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