Retail CCTV Systems

Australian Retail stores lose approximately 2.7 Billion Dollars each year due to theft and shrinkage. One of the best methods of reducing retail theft is with the installation of a CCTV system. The fact is that shoplifters will deliberately target businesses with poor security.

Top Gun Security Solutions specialise in the design and installation of retail CCTV systems, designed as Business Management Tools that will help reduce shrinkage and maximise your profits. In many cases our CCTV systems pay for themselves many times over.

The benefits of installing a CCTV system:

Reduce Theft – Installing a Top Gun Security system is a great deterrent against thieves, whether it be internal or external theft, the presence of high quality cameras will protect your business against shoplifters. Reducing theft will naturally increase your profits.

Prevent Break-ins – 1 in 3 businesses will be burgled in their lifetime. Prevent burglary and vandalism by installing a High Definition surveillance system, reduce downtime, repairs and cleaning costs.

Successful Prosecutions – The prosecution rates for businesses owners using CCTV is much greater than those without CCTV. If your retail outlet is unfortunate enough to become a target, at least there will be a strong chance of identifying and successful prosecuting the perpetrator.

Stock Control – Many business owners find stock take a difficult and frustrating challenge. Most stock takes will never add up to 100% leaving the business owner frustrated. Our retail CCTV systems have smart analytic software that can help monitor stock arrivals and departures. Even the smallest increase in your stock take will benefit the bottom line of your business.

Staff Productivity – Ensure your staff are being punctual, professional and productive. Employees will be more accountable for their roles and your customers will receive better service.

Reduced Litigation Exposure – Our CCTV systems will help protect you and your business against any fraudulent litigation claims and workplace fraud.

Remote Viewing – Keep an eye on your business when you are not there. Top Gun Security Systems can be viewed and controlled remotely over the internet via an iPhone, tablet or laptop. Giving you more peace of mind, flexibility and a healthy balance between work and life.

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